NCHPK Introduction


National Center for Homeopathy Pakistan is non government organization.┬áNational Center is Non – Government Organization and it has no link with any office in Pakistan.

It is established to introduce Pakistani Homeopathic Practitioners, Colleges, Pharmacies, Associations and Organizations etc at world level. The purpose is to globally link the Pakistani homeopathic infra structure with other National Centers of the World like USA, UK, Germany and Australia etc. The main objective is to collect authentic and upto date data and to prepare the list of Homeopathic Practitioners, Colleges, Pharmacies & organizations.

The NCHPk will provide facilities to Homeopathic Practitioners to register their clinics under Health Care Bill. National Center of Pakistan will assist Pakistani Homeopathic Doctors to get equivalency of their Diploma or Degree with other Homeopathic Colleges of the world. NCHPk will also provide facilities to Pakistani Homeopathic Colleges to get affiliation with other famous Homeopathic Colleges located in USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, India, Holland, Srilanka and Australia etc.

National Center will also provide expertise to Pakistani Homeopathic Pharmacies to get license from the other reputed International Homeopathic Pharmacies. National Center will help in promoting business as well.ndependence, during British rule, Homeopathic, Unani and Ayurvedic act waDoctors is near to end as the case is sent to President of Pakistan for final approval.

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